The solution for the UK’s EV Charge Point Shortage?

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ZPN Energy’s STREET HUBZ and SMART HUBZ rapid-chargers could help alleviate the problems of rapid-chargers not being installed at a sufficient pace to match the demand for new UK EVs.

2021 - More EVs Registered than Public Charging Network Can Handle?

In a recent news release calling for solutions to the problem, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) stated, in 2021 “Plug-in cars onthe road grew by a phenomenal 280.3% between 2019 and 2021, but standard chargepoints increased by just 69.8% in the same period.”

The strong growth of EV sales has already kicked up a gear in January 2022, with SMMT figures showing that new plug-in car sales have grown by 92.5% year on year.

The motor industry believe that a coherent strategy supported by government and business, overseen by a new government office, needs to be put in place so the shortage of public charge points doesn’t strangle demand for new, low emissions vehicles.

Mike Hawes, CEO of the SMMT says, “The automotive industry is up for the challenge of a zero-emission new car and van market by 2035. Delivering this ambition – an ambition that would put the UK ahead of every major market in theworld – needs more than automotive investment. It needs the commensurate commitment of all other stakeholders, especially the charging industry as surveys show that range anxiety has been replaced by charging anxiety.”

ZPN HUBZ to the Rescue?

The ZPN HUBZ chargers, work on CCS and CHAdeMO enabled EVs, can be installed as public chargers and as destination chargers. With up to 50kW of power, these can give around 5 miles of charge per minute on an average EV car.

ZPN has two types of HUBZ charger - the STREET HUBZ and PARK HUBZ. The STREETHUBZ can be installed by a local authority or charging company as a public rapid-charger, better still its’ energy storage means you can install 50kW rapid chargers where normally you would have 7 or 22kw units, it also harvests energy to reduce the costs of the energy. The PARK HUBZ is a destination charger that still gives up to 50kW of charge and can be used by supermarkets or shopping malls as a perk for their customers. Because the battery storage is within the unit, the charger has little or no need for groundworks. 

James Foster, CEO of ZPN Energy says, “Most destination chargers today at shops and supermarkets only have 7kW of output, meaning that even after an hour’s shopping your customer won’t get a significant amount of miles in their car.”

James Foster continues, “This is where the PARK HUBZ comes in - with such a high rate of charge it is possible to do a week’s family shop and come back to a fully charged car. Getting the car topped up and the groceries for the week can only be a good thing!”

Given the high demand for more public chargers brought about by the almost-triple-digit growth in new EV registrations in January, installing a high powered destination charger like the PARK HUBZ could increase footfall in your shopping centre or supermarket.

“Simply put, a reasonably priced destination charger offering a full charge in the time it takes to get a shopping trip done can allow supermarket customers to kill two birds with one stone,” James Foster adds, “This could help the national shortage of public charge points and ultimately the transition to the zero-carbon economy.