• ZPN BEMS - Business Energy Management

    Integration of renewables including solar, wind and lowest-cost grid energy harvesting to maximise energy sustainability & turn EV charging into a profit centre.

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    Business Energy Management


    ZPN BIZ is an integrated system designed for all business applications, from car dealers to retail and hospitals. It combines energy from multiple inputs (grid, solar, wind etc) and directs the energy flow into high energy battery storage for use when it is needed most.

    Electricity is harvested off peak from the grid, solar PV panels, wind or fuel cells and is stored in our ZAP Store. This stored power can be used to power EV charging stations in order to re-charge EV's or any other electrical process or demand at your property.

    This energy storage & integrated charging solution allows your business to generate cheap, or even free, energy that can be stored and then used at peak times to reduce energy costs.

    • Use the lowest cost off-peak or free energy derived from onsite renewables and off-peak energy.
    • Rapid EV charging WITHOUT a 3-phase supply.
    • Maximise flexibility of site choice without constraints of grid suppliers.
    • Suitable for Car dealership's, workshop's, factories, supermarket's, car rental locations and more
    • Never pay for peak rate electricity again.
    • Changes EV charging from cost to profit centre.
    • 6 Publically available chargers @30% utilisation could derive £860K of revenue!

    Watch the explainer video below

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