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At ZPN Energy, we are dedicated to making the world a cleaner and greener place, preserving the environment and planet for future generations. Leaving the world in a better place than we found it with our clean technologies and sustainable solutions.

Our employees are our most invaluable asset at ZPN Energy and underpin our success. We have ambitious plans in place to achieve our goals globally, and we are looking for diverse candidates of the highest calibre to help contribute towards them. We are committed to recruiting individuals who are enthusiastic and have the drive and courage to bring their visions to life

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“I’ve joined the company as Head of Finance. My background is working with businesses involved in the road to net zero carbon. My role is to provide integrity in the numbers that will help drive the business forward.”


Head of Finance

“ZPN Energy is an exciting company, developing products for the future with a dynamic and smart atmosphere. I am exercising a lot of my skills, learning new things and engaging with technologies I am passionate about.”


Software Developer

“A really mixed bunch of wonderful talented people to work with who are all excelling speedily towards making ZPN Energy exactly what it will become…the future.”


Lead Frontend Web Developer

“At ZPN, our best assets is our people. Each member of staff has their own skill set in making ZPN work effectively and efficiently. I am empowered to bring the brand vision to life. I work with an incredible, skilled, group of people and they make coming to work a pleasure.”


Lead Designer

“As an engineer, I have a responsibility to my children to come up with innovative technology that will enhance the future of green and sustainable energy solutions. With ZPN Energy, we have the ability to show the world what can be possible in the energy market, and help communities reduce the negative environmental impact.”


Mechanical Design Engineer



If you are passionate about playing a pivotal role in sustainably shaping the future of the ever-evolving and dynamic energy industry, ZPN Energy could be the place for you. If your personal values reflect our corporate values, please do not hesitate to get in touch and to send your CV and cover letter to

Please do not forget to tell us why you think you would be a great addition to the ZPN team, and we will add you to our talent pool. We will be in contact if your skills and experience align with future employment opportunities we may have.

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