Integrated energy platform.

ZPN’s Energy Management System (EMS) monitors energy usage and identifies where to make improvements to prevent unnecessary consumption and load. EMS includes taking in a tariff feed from the energy supplier and calculating how best to save the homeowner money by utilising the battery’s energy during peak price periods. The EMS will also take a feed-in from the local weather to calculate how much battery capacity to use for peak shaving to enable the battery to save the most money for the home and business owners and help users implement energy-efficient behaviours.

Energy technology management

As the demand for energy progressively increases, the needs can no longer be met by the conventional grid. The traditional grid’s ageing electrical and structural infrastructure continues to cause challenges and raise concerns regarding the grid’s capability. Smart grid technologies will play an imperative role in transforming the grid as the energy market evolves. Smart grid technology will change the energy landscape’s future, offering a more resilient and sustainable solution to people and the planet. A smart grid will support the shift to a low carbon economy while supporting the UK to meet its carbon reduction targets while decreasing costs for home and building owners.

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