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EVIE™ is a new and disruptive patented technology, deploying a sophisticated solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging at home. EVIE™ is designed to optimise energy efficiency for homeowners using 100% renewable energy and alleviating pressure from the grid with a fully automated solution. As the need for electrification intensifies, and consumer demand for home EV charging continues to rise, EVIE™ delivers a dynamic solution.

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EVIE™ provides supply protection by limiting home EV charging at peak periods, thus enabling essential home supply. EVIE™ satisfies DNOs by helping them to control the grid whilst addressing the problem of not being able to charge an EV in an area of grid constraint within older houses and where AC is charging restrictions exist. EVIE™ remains entirely compliant with DNO restrictions and enables DNOs to expand their EV charging capability without making significant changes in upgrading the grid infrastructure. Thus, solving the ability to control EV charging in the home through critical grid periods.

ZPN’s patented EVIE™ product enables the mass distribution of EV AC charging, which is DNO friendly; allowing the optimum AC/DC network to be adopted. The technology used can also be integrated with HEMS (House Energy Management system) BEMS (Building Energy Management system) and DC charging.

EV owners can charge their vehicles at the lowest possible tariff whilst balancing the demands on the grid and minimising their carbon footprint in the process, delivering long-term cost-saving benefits for homeowners, together with enhancing the EV experience for owners and contributing to meeting net-zero targets in the UK.

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