• ZPN GRID - Energy Grid Enablement

    Patented management technology for sustainable micro grids

  • ZPN_HEMS_BEMS_IO_SEPS Isometric graphic portraying energy management soloutions for City Homes and Business

    Grid Energy Management

    ZPN's Home's Business and Neighbourhood Energy Management Systems (HEMS, BEMS and NEMS) is a grid supporting comprehensive energy management platform. The system allows the active enablement and management of grid energy supplies. This provides the ability to maximise the use of renewables that are grid sourced or onsite and reduce demand on the grid. ZPN Grid combines with home or commercial battery energy storage and EV charging.


    ZPN Grid systems allow business owners, network operators, housing and commercial developers, landlords and ultimately homeowners to reduce energy costs.


    Commercially, this can support and/or increase housing density, increase development sustainability, lower the impact of developments on network grid infrastructure to reduce peak demand caused by EV charging and other energy-intensive processes.

    • Unique and patented software
    • Manage multiple diverse assets from energy storage to EV charging
    • Fully intelligent back office