• ZPN HOME - Home Energy Management & Rapid Home Charging

    Integrated Domestic Home Energy Solutions and EV Charging

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    ZPN Home

    ZPN Home is a 37kWh to 150kWh smart home energy storage solution with optional in built 50kW ultra-rapid charging for the home.


    ZPN Home can be connected to onsite solar and wind energy and harvest power from the grid at off-peak times.


    This system is available as a single retrofit unit or designed for an entire housing estate for the new build housing market.


    • World-first 50kW home rapid charging.
    • DC home charging available on single phase.
    • Home energy support to run your heating, air conditioning and hot water.
    • Individual homeowner and house builder solutions.

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    HEMS - Home Energy Management

    ZPN's Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) is a comprehensive energy management platform that gives smart home owners visibility on how to optimise their energy consumption. Empowering them to manage energy usage and make significant cost savings... all from the comfort of their own home!


    • Use the lowest cost off-peak energy.
    • Access free energy generated from onsite renewables.
    • Housebuilders can achieve 30% more units per site.
    • Social housing enables sustainability for tenants through lowest-cost energy.
    • Use on site renewables to reduce costs of common areas inc. heat and lighting.
    • Earn money from your energy storage system.
    • Suits holiday parks, housing developers and social housing.
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    EV Enabler

    ZPN Energy's patented dynamic EV Enabler meets the UK government proposal to centrally control the charging of EV's at peak times. This supports Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) by alleviating pressure on the National Grid.


    EV Enabler is a fully patented technology designed for the EV age.


    • Patented EV charger remote control
    • Manage the grid load
    • Works with OCCP1.6 - 2.0
    • Prevents EV charging outages at peak time
    • Reduces Grid requirements to load shed

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