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Every great attitude begins at home, and gestures of care for the environment and future generations need to become a habit even in our most everyday attitudes in order to be incorporated into the vision that we project for the world.

In order to bring the concept of energy management to all environments, ZPN Energy has developed a series of practical solutions that can be applied to the most diverse configurations of homes so that all families can begin to better understand their energy consumption and change their habits.

home energy management system
Map of power outlets in your home
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The urgency to streamline the world's energy consumption is present

in all instances, as every day more green policies transform the production relationship in industries, agribusiness and public transportation. 

But in our private lives it also makes a whole difference to take measures that help us optimise consumption, as electricity bills have become more and more expensive each year.

Leading an energy-efficient life does not mean sacrificing any comfort, on the contrary, it is about learning the best way to use each household appliance in an optimised way, so that at the end of the month you can save money and make your home more comfortable.

The concept of smart is a key asset to organise and optimise the life of all of us in the most different ways. The information that a smart system is able to generate and helps to construct a network that educates the consumption and manufacture of items for our daily use.


Smart appliances are those capable of integrating into a network, communicating with other devices through an internal or open network, and you can organise everything through your smartphone. The Internet of Things is able to receive and process data and commands across all integrated appliances. 

The house thermostat gives information to the air conditioner to operate when the room reaches a certain temperature, makes your window open to take advantage of daylight, regulates the consumption of the freezer and helps in the reuse of water and reserves energy for you to recharge your car.

The HEMS system (Home Energy Management Solutions) brings you a practical way to enjoy the most different conveniences with economy.

Efficiently distributing energy collected by different sources, such as solar grids.In addition to controlling and programming all the appliances in the house, you also receive regular reports informing you how much you have saved and how you can further optimise your daily consumption.

More than savings, you considerably increase the security of your family, especially in homes with elderly people and children, through motion sensors, emergency devices and remotely accessible surveillance cameras.

The security is even greater in regions susceptible to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and hurricanes, because the house is connected with forecasts and security measures from different sources.

Imagine yourself in the comfort of a home that is prepared to take care of every aspect of your daily life, that adapts to your needs and helps educate the whole family towards more sustainable habits. 

And our sustainable home design is not just for modern homes: we offer solutions that adapt older homes to increase comfort and savings for the whole family!

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