International Networked Energy & E-Mobilityn day


    The inaugural International Networked Energy& Emobility Day (INEED) is the first event in the world to celebrate both the growing electric vehicle (EV) sector and the innovative technologycompanies supporting the move to cleaner transport.

    ZPN Energy Ltd will host INEED at its Coventry factory. It’s a location that acts as a reminder of the city’s automotive andengineering heritage, but more importantly, underlines how businesses in theWest Midlands will build on this heritage in the years ahead to drive the moveto a carbon neutral future.

    Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands,will attend INEED and will provide a Keynote.


    Among the highlights at INEED, ZPN will showcase an improved version of its HUBZ charger, which delivers 150kW of Ultra-Rapid DCcharging to get EV drivers back on the road as quickly as possible. Whilst the original HUBZ was one of the few chargers available in the UK to come close to PAS 1899:2022, HUBZ 2 charger will be the first to exceed the Electric vehicles



    Accessible charging Specification. Also,on display will be their ZAPME Energyas a Service (EaaS) – the world’s first mobile EV Charger. ZPN will also demonstrate how installing networked energy microgrids– where companies harvest solar or wind power and store it on site, for example, to power EVfleets – can deliver efficiencies, cost savings and energy security.


    This reflects one of the key messages of INEED.E-mobility innovation relies on networked energy innovation because, at the
    present time and for the foreseeable future, grid capacity is unequal to
    reliably powering the growing numbers of electric cars, vans and motorbikes.
    Businesses need networked energy solutions, including battery storage, to
    ensure they have the power they need - when they need it.


    There will be several seminar sessions offering insights from industry experts into the E-mobility and clean energy sectors. These
    will be broadcast live and, after the event, via YouTube.

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