Internet of things (IOT)

Digital transformation is a reality in many environments in our daily lives, offering important implements to improve everyone's quality of life. This happens through smart services that are increasingly accessible and able to offer a range of productive services and information towards increasingly optimised and sustainable consumption patterns. Check out our set of solutions and practices to encourage a profound transformation for the future of our society.

Smart solutions for your daily life

The increase in the consumption of smart devices has considerably increased the consumption of plastic and other materials, and the ever-widening access to the internet has increased power consumption at the server base. But our relationship with these technologies can take a completely different turn and become an ally.

As the scalability of electronics increases, so do the possibilities of understanding in detail our habits related to a number of sectors of daily life, which can bring important insights about which directions to take and how to reduce consumption without affecting our quality of life.

The concept of the Internet of Things is one of the great keys to take this important step towards a future with increasingly smaller amounts of waste.

The solutions of the Internet of Things

More and more equipment and accessories gain "smart" properties, being able to connect via bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 4G to our devices or directly to the internet, which considerably increases the possibilities of how we configure and use these devices.

Appliances, sensors, cameras and different other mechanisms across all environments can offer monitoring solutions and execution of programmed tasks engaged by different default settings.

Imagine how much data our appliances can offer us to understand our consumption curve, map our peak hours, the appliances that consume the most, sources of waste and several other problems that cause excessive consumption.

More than that, the Internet of Things is also capable of considerably increasing our security through the intelligent use of cameras and sensors.


Artificial Intelligence as an extension of our capabilities.

To complement and raise the capabilities of the Internet of Things to a new level, Artificial Intelligence is evolving in leaps and bounds thanks to its ability to learn, especially from the data we generate in our daily lives and teach the machine to program itself according to best practices.

A.I. is an important ally to help us interpret the ever-increasing volumes of data generated in our daily lives in search of intelligent and increasingly optimised ways for assertive decision-making.

Artificial intelligence is able to learn from your preferences and make optimised decisions to ensure savings and security in your environment, activating different resources as programmed, being an important resource to manage your energy management system.

The IoT and A.I. duo is the basis for managing smart cities and transport solutions.

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Security for your information

The main concern regarding the use of smart resources is the risk of having your data hacked by malicious people and corporations, which becomes a real risk the higher the volume of public information.

That's why we take your data security very seriously, offering a suite of solutions to help protect your data from misuse. Here you can count on a range of quality services in a carefree manner.

Check out our solutions for an increasingly smart, sustainable and safe life!

ZPN Energy, Cyber Security, IoT, AI, Micro-Grid, Smart-Grid, Smart Cities, Future, Climate Change, EnTech, Energy Management System, Business Energy Management System, Home Energy Management System

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