• Modern Slavery Policy

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    ZPN Energy Ltd. states, in compliance with sec. 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, its enduring commitment to ethical practices and to ensure that neither modern slavery nor human trafficking takes place within the business, its subsidiaries or its supply chain. ZPN Energy is committed to an ethical, fair and safe business environment and culture, from its own operation down the entire supply chain. For copies of our commercial and ethical policies, please see the website or contact us.


    For all ZPN Energy employees, as well as performing identity checks, we check a range of documents relating to their employment history and ability to work for the business. We have a number of agency staff from various employers, and we check and verify that all agencies are appropriately following correct and ethical employment practices.


    ZPN Energy is also committed to ensuring that the ethical treatment of workers throughout our supply chain remains positive and correct. We do this through our list of ISO9001-approved suppliers, our system of checks on new suppliers and our requests for information every three years, within our supplier verification checks.


    There is a copy of this statement, as well as all other ZPN Energy ethical policies, saved in our internal computer system, with copies available to all ZPN Energy employees.