Renewable energy in the UK

What do you need to know about it ?

Renewable energies are the main energy sources in the UK, especially wind and solar power. It is a leading country in green energies, especially in recent years. In 2020, the UK even achieved the highest level of sustainable energy in its history.

Renewable energies discussed in all social spheres, especially regarding the urgency of the matter. More than just alternatives, renewable energies are necessary and should be considered as the only possible option to save and slow down nature degradation.

In this regard, we have selected a content about the green energies present in a model country in the subject. In this publication, you can read a little more about the definition of renewable energy, the models present in the UK, and a little about the history of sustainability in the country.

What is renewable energy ?

Renewable energy is energy that is generated using natural resources for various activities. Indeed, we need the energy to survive and, for this, they may be renewable or "green" so that there is less or no nature damage.

Renewable energy is considered inexhaustible and to have many benefits. When we talk about inexhaustible resources, we are talking about infinite means, with no prediction of ending.

Some examples of these renewable energies are :

Wind energy: derived by wind turbines;

Solar energy: from sunlight;

Geothermal energy: natural from the heat of the earth;

Omnomotive energy: uses sea waves' energy;

Hydroelectric power: derived from water currents;

Tidal energy: derived from the tides.

New studies are considering other natural resources to be used, such as artificial photosynthesis, brackish water, and hydrogen. On the other hand, these resources are still under development and are not used on a large scale.

In addition, biomass can also be used as a fuel. In contrast, non-renewable (and therefore exhaustible energies) are fossil fuels – shale, natural gas, oil and coal, as well as nuclear energy.

The advantages of renewable energies

The inexhaustible aspect of renewable energy is the main benefit of its wide use, but its advantages go further.

Considerably reduced environmental impacts;

Socio economic development;

Minimal or no maintenance required;

Good energy efficiency;

Autonomous energy for the countries that employ them;

Reduction of CO² emissions.

Increase in employment rates with the expansion of the sector;

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Although the list of benefits is long, some countries are reluctant to apply them, and the reasons can be the high infrastructure costs or the high initial costs in the cases of wind, solar and wave energy. In the case of hydro energies, too, soil erosion is perceived to be damaging the local vegetation.

Main renewable energies in the UK

The main renewable energies used by the UK are wind and solar . However, it is important to mention that the energies most used by the countries depend directly on the resources available by location.

The UK is a model in the renewable energy business and the British government constantly shows its interest in turning all energy into renewable energy by the year 2035, and based on its progress so far, this is a widely possible goal.

More than that, the government is in favor of adopting sustainable alternatives in order to curb the environmental impacts suffered so far. The British government has also secured a ban on polluting transport by 2040 as part of its strategies to decarbonize vehicles.

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The history of renewable energy in the UK

The UK has a long history with sustainability and renewable energy possibilities, following the union's interest in reducing the environmental impacts caused by human activities. The government encourages people and all businesses to be environmentally sustainable.

Towards the widespread use of renewable energy and other sustainable practices, the UK operates against greenwashing , deceptive eco-friendly strategies. This is because some companies adopt sustainable claims to improve sales but that are not sustainable in practice.

To this end, the British government has doubled supervision on companies that use this sustainable discourse, while also encouraging businesses to use renewable energy and take various other natural preservation activities. Nowadays, the UK is an example of a green country and influences other European countries.

Nevertheless, the other countries of the European Union go against the UK's environmentally sustainable initiatives. Most European countries operate on the basis of developing and strengthening non-renewable energy, isolating the UK from the rest of the Union.

The future UK foresees major advances in the preservation and conservation of natural resources so that renewable energy will be even more evident in the country, as set out by the UK government.

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