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At ZPN Energy, we are committed to promoting and delivering smart energy solutions across the public sector. We will continue to invest in clean technologies and bring innovative and disruptive technologies to the public, optimising energy efficiency and establish smart, resilient and zero carbon cities.

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For many centuries it was the inadvertent exploitation of nature that fuelled the explosive growth of cities and industries with little to no commitment to environmental preservation or even the quality of life of its population.

It did not take long for the impacts of centuries lacking intelligent planning to create a series of problems that have become more evident in the daily life of the largest urban centres. 

The contradictions are many, and in many cases, there is a lack of courage and innovation to deal with these issues.

Industry 4.0 technology, that focuses on networked processes, using artificial intelligence and a large volume of data has brought, besides automation and extra productivity in industry, many real opportunities to transform everyday life.

ZPN Energy has captured the key techniques and trends to offer projects that solve the big dilemmas of carbon emission in urban activities.


The concept of "smart" came along with a set of technological innovations that are now a fundamental part of everyone's life: wireless internet networks, geolocation, bluetooth, sensors, programming, automation and algorithms. These resources have changed the way we think and live in the world.

Smart cities are systems that use all these resources in an integrated way through an important concept called the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is the integration of electronic devices with each other; the ability to use your smartphone to regulate parameters in the home, such as temperature or security items.

Now expand your home into a system with millions of interconnected homes. Smart cities are these centres where sensors, cameras and tags are arranged throughout the environment to prevent various problems:

To prevent traffic accidents, for example, sensors that communicate with cars can identify average speed and traffic jams; smart cameras can keep records of citizens and restrict access; robots can promote the cleaning of public environments automatically.

Smart cities are especially focused on reducing the carbon impact on the atmosphere, optimising public transportation, the energy consumption of homes and services, and decreasing waste production by reusing and recycling.

And you may be wondering: where does all this energy come from?

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A system with such a level of integration needs to be 100% reliable so that no instability affects the daily lives of all those who depend on its services.

And on this point, smart grids have proven to be the most efficient means.In addition to seeking the cleanest sources to generate energy, the optimisation of its storage and consumption are essential to ensure reliability.

In this type of system, the consumption of all environments generates important data for the analysis of losses and infrastructure problems that could be optimised, taking advantage of all the energetic efficiency.

ZPN Energy offers smart grid services to bring more resilience, integration, optimization and savings to your smart environments. Check out our projects for a greener future!

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