The most sustainable, state-of-the art charging unit.

CaixaPequena HUBZNOshadow

Offers an extended lifetime to battery ensuring

uninterrupted supply of energy.

OCPP 1.6 & 2.0.1 compliance, delivering improved

functionality and enhanced security.

Consists of a combination of Power Boosted battery

and patented Power-Sharing Systems.

A sleek, innovative, user-friendly design featuring green retractable motarised cables.

Creating a seamless charging experience for the end-user.


With great power comes great scalability.

Street Hubz is a high performing rapid and ultra rapid charging unit offering a subscription-free and contactless service using 100% renewable electricity. Offering a faster and more effective charging method, solving the inconvenience of slow charging systems.




Up to

50 kWh



4 kVA




Perfect, right down

to the last pixel

Optimum efficiency levels can be reached by charging at the outside of peak periods and charging at the lowest tariff. Our software provides DNOs with real-time visualisation and insights and stabilising the balance between demand versus energy consumption to ensure we do not add any additional pressure to the grid. Our solutions remain completely compliant with DNO restrictions and enable DNOs to increase their EV charging capability without making substantial upgrades to the grid’s infrastructure. This solution can easily be adopted in 95% of residential areas in the U.K.



Contactless brings

endless convenience.

When the merchant’s system prompts the customer to pay, they bring the card between close to the contactless payment symbol on the terminal. Information is transmitted electronically using information from the chip from the card to the bank. When the system accepts the tap, it signals the customer with a beep, green light, or checkmark. Once the approval is received, the transaction is complete.


Environmental friendly

cable technology

Super-flexible and motor-retractable cable that helps users to charge their vehicles hassle-free, minimising trip hazards. The patented “Extremely Low Magnetic Field” (ELMF) technology significantly reduces the EMFs that are being created. With a lightweight design and a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to distribute power with the EV market. With green ELMF Cable technology, the magnetic field within the green ELMF cable technology is reduced by 95% compared to regular cables in EV charging units.