ZPN Energy Limited (ZPN) strives to be a forward looking, responsible and ethical business, supplier and employer. We support and seek to promote high standards in the areas of Employee Relations and respect for Human Rights, the Protection of the Environment, Ethical and Moral Business Standards and Corporate Governance.

These standards play an important role in the relationship between us and our suppliers and are set out in this ZPN Supplier Code of Conduct.For the purpose of this Supplier Code of Conduct “our suppliers” means any supplier of goods or services to ZPN or to any of ZPN’s group companies or affiliates now or in the future and includes the supplier’s employees, representatives, subcontractors and agents.

The Supplier Code of Conduct is treated as an integral part of and incorporated into all contracts between ZPN and its suppliers. If a supplier fails to comply with any part of this Supplier Code of Conduct it may be required by ZPN to take immediate remedial action to ensure compliance. ZPN also reserves the right to terminate its contracts with any supplier who cannot demonstrate its adherence to this Supplier Code of Conduct to ZPN’s reasonable satisfaction

Occupational Safety and Health

• Comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations in force from time to time;

• Properly assess hazards and the resulting health risks likely to be encountered by their employees in the course of their employment and take all reasonable steps necessary to safeguard their employees’ occupational safety and health; and

• Provide their employees with appropriate on-going training on occupational safety.

No Child, Forced, or Compulsory Labour

• Not use or be involved with any form of child labour, forced labour, or any other form of compulsory labour; and

• Take appropriate steps to ensure that no such forms of labour are used or permitted by their suppliers in their supply chain

No Discrimination or Harassment

• Comply with the provisions of the UK Equality Act 2010 and all applicable anti-discrimination legislation;

• Treat all of their employees with respect and dignity; and ensure that no employee of the supplier is physically, psychologically, sexually, or verbally harassed or abused or discriminated against due to their gender, race, religion, age, or sexual orientation

Terms of Employment

• Ensure that their employees’ working hours and terms of employment comply with applicable laws and are not excessively or unreasonably burden some or oppressive against the employee.

Respect for Human Rights

• Respect and support and comply with the provisions of the UK Human Rights Act 1998; and

• Ensure that they are not involved or complicit in the abuse of any basic human rights of any person.

Environmental Standards

• Perform their business activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding environmental protection; and

• Develop and put in place and observe effective policies and procedures for the protection of the environment relevant and appropriate to the conduct of their business.

Hazardous Materials

• Ensure that all materials and substances classified as hazardous to the environment handled by the supplier are handled, transported, stored, recycled, and/or disposed of by the supplier safely.

Waste and Emissions

• Endeavour to use natural and other resources mindfully and responsibly so as to minimise waste and to facilitate recycling; and

• To ensure that any missions to air, water, and soil are minimised and monitored and any harmful emissions are prevented.

Ethical and Moral Business Standards

• In all of your dealings with ZPN we expect our suppliers to:

•Act reasonably, openly, fairly, ethically  and in good faith;

• Engage and work with us constructively, collaboratively, responsively and proactively;

• Company with all relevant UK and any other applicable laws and regulations including but not limited to laws and regulations relating to the supply of goods and services to us and the handling of any personal information or data obtained from us;

• Use recognised industry practices in the delivery of goods and services to us and to strive continuously to improve these goods and services;-

• Endeavour to provide value for money and fair pricing and quality in relation to any goods or services supplied;

• Maintain confidentiality in relation to information of or related to  our business;

• Endeavour to resolve any dispute with us promptly and fairly through the management of good relationships and, where appropriate, contractual dispute resolution mechanisms;

• Ensure that no conflict of interest arises between the supplier and us and that, if any such  conflict of interest is discovered, it is reported to us without delay; and

• To co-operate with and take all steps and actions as may be reasonably required by us to demonstrate compliance by the supplier with the provisions of this Supplier Code of Conduct.

Corporate Governance Standards

We expect our suppliers to:

• Antitrust and trading laws and regulations

• Observe all applicable national and international antitrust and competition laws and regulations; and

• Inform themselves about and observe all applicable trading laws and regulations.

Corruption and Bribery

• Comply with, and take all reasonable steps to ensure that their suppliers, agents and employees comply with, the provisions of the UK Bribery Act 2010 and all applicable anti bribery laws and regulations; an

• Put in place and comply with, and take all reasonable steps to ensure that their suppliers, agents and employees comply with, their own appropriate policies and procedures for the avoidance of corruption and bribery in the carrying on of any business activity of the supplier.

Money Laundering

• Comply with all applicable anti money laundering laws and regulations; and

• Take all reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure that the business of the supplier is not involved in and does not facilitate any form of money laundering.