• Who are ZPN Energy?

    Proudly British innovation and technology to enable the transfer to sustainability manufactured in the UK.

  • What's ZPN all about?


    ZPN is a leading British, fast-growing Energy Technology (EnTech) provider headquartered in Coventry (UK). We design, develop and produce infrastructure technologies to win the fight against climate change including Energy Storage, Rapid and Ultra Rapid EV charging, mobile EV charging, Home energy management, off grid charging solutions, grid support including those that support energy suppliers worldwide. ZPN contributes to a zero-carbon society as it propels the use of self-reliant, sustainable solutions and promotes a culture for cleaner air and healthier lives.


    ZPN Energy has developed innovative smart green energy solutions to target Net ZERO challenges for a variety of applications for the home to commercial, including rapid and ultra-rapid chargers for electric vehicles including chargers that exceed PAS 1899:2022, Electric vehicles – Accessible charging – Specification. ZPN owns a unique intellectual property portfolio within its integrated energy management systems. The technology utilises a disruptive approach, turning the standard grid into a Smart Grid by making use of IoT and machine learning to integrate data and physical assets.


    ZPN is the first worldwide, to design and manufacture technology that has been specifically created to be compliant with the latest Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 2.0.1 and the only manufacturer at time of publication exceeding PAS 1899:2022, Electric vehicles – Accessible charging – Specification


    ZPN Energy is one of the few companies in this sector that can provide the highest level of infrastructure security with a range of products that are predominantly manufactured in the UK and USA.. This ensures Critical Infrastructure providers can be assured of quality without compromise.