ZAPINAMO, the UK electric vehicle (EV) charging start-up, has been awarded £3.1m funding from Innovate UK’s First of a Kind Deployment in Innovation competition.

Having already secured GBP48,000 in Phase I, Innovate UK awarded ZAPINAMO and its partners Heathrow Airport, Europcar E-Car Club and Warwick Manufacturing Group Phase II funding to develop, trial and commercialise ZAPINAMO’s charging solution.

The trial will involve the provision of charging solutions at Heathrow airport for electric private hire vehicles and other EVs using the Heathrow campus.

ZAPINAMO’s First of a Kind EV charging solution is the world’s first fully movable EV charger, which can also charge several electric vehicles simultaneously at speeds of up to 400kW without the need for costly and time-consuming installations.

Using a combination of stored energy, sophisticated power electronics and a driver-friendly user interface, ZAPINAMO’s charging solution will for the first time provide confidence to drivers, fleet operators and manufacturers that their vehicles can be charged reliably, in large number, where and when the driver needs.

ZAPINAMO’s solution is designed not only to charge the relatively small number of cars and vans on the streets today, but the large, complex fleets of private and commercial vehicles with increasingly large electric ranges.

The Innovate UK-funded activity will see ZAPINAMO, Heathrow and E-Car Club prove that two of the biggest blockers to EV uptake – charging on-street in urban areas and deploying chargers where power is at a premium – can be overcome with ZAPINAMO’s technology.

Tim Martin, CEO of ZAPINAMO said: “This is a great result for ZAPINAMO, and makes a strong case that the UK is the best place to develop globally competitive, disruptive automotive technologies. Working with our partners, I look forward to bringing to market the world’s first EV charging solution which does not rely on the grid. As our strapline says, ZAPINAMO is full of energy.”