ZPN is thrilled to announce that a production facility is being assembled in Coventry due to the growing number of contracts awarded to produce the new generation of HUBZ. HUBZ is a rapid and ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging unit. ZPN has exciting plans in place to annually manufacture 7500 EV charging units, expanding the charging network throughout the UK as well as supporting EV growth, with production set to begin immediately.

Deploying clean, cutting-edge technology, the production facility addresses the growing demand for DC fast and ultra-rapid charging solutions through battery storage. ZPNs production facilities are also zero-carbon, further reinforcing the company’s green credentials.

The HUBZ unit is designed to be the most sustainable EV charging system on the market. The HUBZ unit delivers maximum charging capability while significantly reducing reliance on the grid through a combination of power boosted battery and patented power sharing technology. HUBZ provides an uninterrupted supply of green energy that can be deployed entirely off-grid, solving the problem of grid constraints.

ZPN have a team of highly skilled and dedicated Engineers who are committed to future proofing the EV charging market with clean, sustainable, cost-effective solutions. ZPN has heavily invested in innovative and disruptive technology including the most advanced software management system in the EV industry, which is an integral component of HUBZ. ZPN have significantly scaled up the factory’s capabilities to support the EV charging infrastructure that comes along with the widespread uptake of EV adoption. Significant investment in production facilities means ZPN also have the capability to deliver their solutions to international markets in line with the company’s ambitious global expansion plan with the company set to achieve a £1 billion turnover by 2025.