• ZPN DROP - Deployable Mobile Charging

    High capacity energy storage with integrated energy management technology 

  • ZPN_ZAPME Mobile EV Charging

    ZPN Drop®

    ZPN DROP® is the world's first large scale mobile EV charging unit for all those times when generation such as diesel generators were normally needed. We have pioneered this large scale technology since 2017 at Heathrow Airport, here in the UK. ZPN Drop means you can recharge at 50kW rapid and 150kW ultra rapid speeds and up to 1000v. Comes complete with billing terminals and large-screen advertising. Supplied in sizes from 250kWh to multiple megawatts, full of green renewable energy. Need more power? Why not add it to on-site renewables such as solar?

    Includes a full set of telemetry features, location, battery condition, charge cycles and much more just like our ZAPME products Find out more at www.zapme.biz alternatively, for your event, why not sell energy as a service with tickets and have power delivered directly to your customer's cars.


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