Charging stations for electric cars ZPN Energy

ZPN Energy, the fast-growing energy tech company, has today launched a new EV charging system for the Electric Vehicle (EV) market, which delivers maximum charging capability drastically decreasing the reliance from the grid and solving the problem of grid constraints.

The new generation of HUBZ system is designed to be the most sustainable solution in the global EV charging market owing to the longevity of its battery life with technology that has been designed and manufactured specifically for HUBZ. The HUBZ technology consists of a combination of a power boosted battery, patented power-sharing system, alongside complex built-in algorithms to enable smart communication The technology used offers extended lifetime to the battery while ensuring customers have access to an uninterrupted supply of green energy that can be deployed completely off grid.

HUBZ’s design enables high-voltage power output, offering a faster and more effective charging method, solving the inconvenience of slow charging systems. Its exclusive features include super-flexible and motor-retractable cable to simplify the charging process, as well as a contactless payment system offering extra convenience for users.

The new HUBZ unit has an exclusive, modern and user-friendly design that makes the system suited for use in multiple locations. The design was developed in-house based on a customer-centric approach focusing on simplifying the day-to-day experience of EV owners.

The fully integrated screen for media allows an additional level of connectivity with customers, which also enables firms build additional revenue streams via third-party advertising.

Ian Stillie, CEO of ZPN Energy, said: “Numerous factors are accelerating growth of the EV market – not least the UK Government’s ambition to advance its ban on the sale of new combustion-engine cars from 2040 to either 2035 or 2030 in an effort to speed up widespread electric vehicle adoption. Lockdown has also encouraged a more sustainable future with people realising our economic recovery needs to be green.

“The uptake of EVs has highlighted the importance of clean energy technologies and their potential in reducing emissions that contribute to climate change, improving public health and minimising ecological damage. As the automotive markets around the world recover after the pandemic, we want to ensure that the UK’s network is ready to withstand and support the imminent shift to EVs and support consumers to make more sustainable choices.”

ZPN Energy technology system is a pioneer in supporting the open charge alliance protocol OCPP 2.0.1, paving the way for smarter charging functionality for the EV sector and integral to all smart cities.

The business, which recently announced its £1bn turnover forecast by 2025, says that employing smart new architectures like HUBZ could help the UK achieve zero carbon goals post-COVID recovery increasing jobs across the country.