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Coventry-based ZPN Energy, a fast-growing energy tech company, is targeting £1bn turnover by 2025. The company has become the first business to develop technology using the new standard for electric charging infrastructure.

ZPN, currently expanding rapidly in several international markets, designs and manufactures infrastructure technology, including charging stations and off-grid smart storage, managed by AI-led software and analytics.

The technology can be used in a range of applications across international markets, including smart energy solutions for industries, homes, governments and other target markets where zero carbon energy is a priority.

ZPN Energy’s new energy network technology is the first of its kind using the new Open Charge Point Protocol, which paves the way for universal contactless charge points for all electric vehicles.

Last year ZPN Energy, which previously traded as Zapinamo, was awarded £4.5m from InnovateUK to establish the UK’s largest rapid charging network, based in Exeter. The company is investing significantly in new technology, including new software systems to enable smart power networks.

Ian Stillie, CEO of ZPN Energy, said: “With a global move towards zero carbon targets, the requirements laid out by the Paris Agreement and ambitious international sustainability goals, the imperative for zero carbon energy hasn’t gone away. As we move towards 2021 there’s a greater acceptance that we need a drastic re-think of how we source the energy we use.

“The world is changing very quickly and the transition to EV is imminent. Energy and transport remain major contributors to air pollution and climate change, but there is positive change underway. With worldwide calls to ‘build back better’ from the pandemic, taking steps to improve infrastructure is pivotal. Our technology overcomes the constraint on grid capacity, making charging faster and more sustainable, allowing clear, simple management of networks to automatically optimise energy use.”

ZPN Energy has developed an integrated energy platform, enabling energy to be targeted around networks according to need, as well as physical assets including energy storage products, mobile charging stations for emergency services, and ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging and storage technology.

The company’s smart technology can also be used in commercial or domestic property, utilising the cheapest green energy tariffs to store and use energy at the optimum levels.

Stillie added: “This strategic re-alignment towards a wider market not only creates a much more substantial opportunity for the business, but broadens our ability to deliver zero carbon energy to homes, businesses, transport and governments across the world. We’ve built a strong presence in the electric vehicle market, so by expanding our technology and our market, we’re in the perfect position to support the future of net-zero energy.”