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ZPN® is a leading fast-growing, British provider specialising in Energy Technology (EnTech). ZPN® Energy has designed innovative and revolutionary smart green energy solutions across a variety of applications, including rapid and ultra-rapid chargers for EVs.   


ZPN® primary focus is innovation and implementation of scalable and efficient technologies to enable and empower Green Smart Cities, EV Market Growth, and integrated business energy management. This contributes to the Road to Zero Strategy, supporting the transition to reduce emissions to zero. Fighting climate change and propelling sustainability.


ZPN® is the first to manufacture technology that is OCPP 2.0.1 compliant



Green Energy Catalyst

ZPN® Power Sharing  technology allows a significant reduction in the level of strain on the Grid, ensuring uninterrupted supply of green energy at higher efficiency, and reduced costs normally due to peaks

Integrated Energy Platform

ZPN® energy management system relies upon analytics to establish a disruptive approach, turning the Standard Grid into a Smart Network Grid to integrate data with physical assets enabling zero carbon scenarios to be established


The Energy management system is a data driven comprehensive solution that enables:

- Asset Performance & Optimisation Management

- Cybersecurity & Analytics – Predictive tools 

- IOT, AI, data and Insights

- Asset Management and Risk Management



Smart Energy Management System
Industrial & Urban Solutions
Home Energy Management System
Business Energy Management System
Rapid & Ultra-Rapid Chargers
Mobile Rapid & Ultra-Rapid Chargers
Fleet & Public Transport
End-to-End Customer Application


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