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    Redefining the EV charger

    With ZPN HUBZ®, charging your EV has never been simpler, faster, safer or more reliable. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and software, ZPN HUBZ posesses supremely rapid charging speeds (50-400kW guarenteed) with stored battery energy management whilst also being disability friendly. In addition, ZPN HUBZ is suitable for off grid and commercial applications.

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    Solutions: Automotive Dealers

    Inconsistent charging infrastructure provides new challenges for most car dealers. Therefore, the question becomes how the EV transition affects your sales process and how do you manage your electrical supply to supply a new customers' purchase with sufficient charge? There is also an opportunity to derive enhanced income, reduce operating costs and supercharge customer loyalty by becoming their preferred charging location.

    ZPN solutions include advertising media screens and mobile energy as a service.

    Commercial fleet charging vehicles

    Solution: Commercial Fleet

    How do commercial fleets charge their vehicles? will they have a big enough electrical supply? ZPN have an end to end solution that combines onsite renewables, energy storage and charging that ensures every kilowatt supplied is at the absolute lowest cost.

    Did you know you could make up to £860,000 from just 6 rapid ZPN EV chargers?

    Rapid DC charging at property

    Solution: Housing Developer

    2021, UK Government requires all new build properties to have EV charging. Did you know that ZPN Housing Developer Solutions can provide a program where you guarantee new buyers fixed-priced energy? Even better, if your development site supply is constrained we can show you how to increase housing density by up to 30%, increase property sales values by 15% and have Rapid DC charging at the property.

    EV charging solutions for forecourt operators

    Solution: Forecourt Operator

    The world of vehicle fuelling is changing, the transition to EV for fuel forecourt operators means less fossil fuels and more EV. How do you move to EV without being beholden to one of the major's 15 year EV contracts? ZPN has the answer from one charger to an integrated solution with onsite renewable fed and energy storage. ZPN forecourt operator EV charging solutions free you from constrained supplies and you have control.

    ZPN Energy Made In Britain

    Made in Britain

    ZPN Energy is based in the heart of the British Midlands. The location acts as a reminder of both Britains automotive and engineering heritage. ZPN intends to build on this heritage by being proud to present their British made products to the rest of the world and drive the move to a carbon neutral future.


  • The five principles of ZPN

    Energy, Management, Innovation, Sustainability. Delivered

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    EV Charging

    ZPN HUBZ® and ZAPME® chargers deliver Rapid and Ultra-Rapid DC charging for street, carpark, mobile, recovery, on-demand and rural or grid-constrained applications. The world’s first OCPP 2.0.1 Compliant Charger.

    ZPN Chargers are uniquely disability friendly.

    ZPN_STORAGE Energy storage Outside of house

    Energy Storage

    The ZAP Store is a high energy storage unit that supports businesses and EV charging with high demand or constrained supply. The modular design enables energy storage to be combined with onsite renewables,

    Experts since 2017.

    solar panel farm outside facing towards clear sky

    Grid Management

    ZPN Grid Energy Management systems allow business owners, network operators, developers, landlords and homeowners to reduce energy costs.

    Ideal for property developers, waste to energy, EV charging stations, Hotels and business owners.

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    Home Energy

    ZPN's Home & Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) is a comprehensive energy management platform that gives developers and homeowners the ability to optimise their energy consumption across smart devices and charging.

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    Business Energy

    ZPN BEMS manages power in business applications, It combines energy from multiple inputs and directs this into high energy storage for use on demand, reducing cost and supply constraints.

    BEMS is the end to end solution that slashes your energy costs.