• ZPN STORE - Agile Battery Energy Storage

    High capacity BES energy storage with Integrated energy management technology

  • ZPN _ENERGY _ZAP _STORE Energy Storage Container



    The ZPN Store is an advanced battery energy storage system (BESS) that is designed to support facilities that require a high capacity energy supply. The 20ft ZPN Store creates up to 1MWh of energy storage per unit and a 40ft ZPN Store creates up to 3MWh of energy storage. Our modular design enables battery energy storage to be combined with onsite renewables and the ability to give ultra-rapid charging up to 350kW, all supported by our patented power sharing technology and software.

    ZPN _ENERGY _ZAP _STORE_HUBZ Solar panel transferring energy to energy storage container to HUBZ ev charging unit

    How does it work?

    Electricity is harvested from the grid and solar panels which is then stored in our ZAP Stores batteries or ZPN Home battery storage. This stored renewable energy can then be used to charge your electric car in 1 hour as opposed to the 8-25 hours offered by typical home or office style chargers.


    The cheap or even free energy, due to it being renewable, that is stored can also be used in the home or workplace at peak times to reduce your cost of energy.