• ZPN EV CHARGING - Rapid, Ultra Rapid

    & Mobile EV Chargers

    Rapid and ultra-rapid electric vehicle chargers for street, public & mobile energy as a service.

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    Welcome to the future of EV charging.

    HUBZ® charging technology alleviates strain on power infrastructures by using a combination of ‘Power Boosted’, battery stored energy, patented power-sharing and smart communication to ensure a balanced, uninterrupted charge. Off-grid or in rural locations with constrained or single phase power! our Trip hazard-free and Disability Friendly chargers deliver the charge advertised for maximum customer satisfaction.


    ZPN offers the only charger that meets or exceeds PAS 1899:2022

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    Rapid Charging
    ZPN HUBZ® Range of British built EV charging solutions deliver up to 350kW of Rapid DC charging, getting you back on the road quickly. An optional Type 2 untethered connection also provides a 7kW AC charge.

    User Friendly & Accessible:
    Sleek, innovative design with user-friendly charging solution features such as a wheelchair height, multimedia coloured touch screen and a powered, lightweight retractable charge cable up to 350kw charge speeds. Contactless payment via debit/credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and RFID is available on request. Trip Hazard free PAS 1899:2022 disability friendly EV charging.


    World’s first OCPP 2.0.1 Compliant Charger:
    Peace of mind from enhanced security and improved functionality.


    Critical Infrastructure Security:
    In the insecure world where threats to security, whether cyber or hardware, ZPN are the only manufacturer that can offer UK and USA build with minimal Asian derived network-enabled systems.

  • ZAPME Portable Roadside Rapid DC Mobile EV Charging


    ZAPME® is the world's first mobile rapid electric vehicle charging recovery service unit designed to rapidly charge immovable EVs that have run out of charge. ZPN Originally conceived portable electric vehicle charging in 2014 since then our tech has led the way to supply on-demand mobile EV charging; ZAPME bringing the charger to you.


    Recharge at 50KW rapid and 150KW Ultra Rapid speeds and at up to 1000v . You choose as little or as much charge as is required to move the dead electric vehicle.

    Featured charging options include:

    - Vehicle or trailer Mounted

    - Containerised

    - Hand movable

    - Rapid and Ultra Rapid DC speeds

    - Custom Specification available


    From 10KWh/40kw charge rate up to 1MWh/400KW ultra-rapid charge.

    ZAPME Electric Vehicle Charging solution includes a full set of telemetry features, location, battery condition, charge cycles and much more.

    Find out more at www.zapme.biz mobile EV charging since 2016. Patents Applied for.


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